Romania's little Prague = the city of Brasov

Our final destination on our trip to Transylvania was the Saxon city of Brasov. The skies had clouded up, and we even felt a few drops of rain as we visited the city, which reminded us a lot of Prague. Take a look at some of these pictures and you will see why. Our first stop was St. Nicholas's Cathedral.

Walking towards the central square, we passed the synagogue.

One of the side streets was very narrow, and according to Andrei, may be the narrowest street in Europe. Leave your elephants at home.

The Black Church was built in the early 1400s, and got its name from a 1689 fire which blackened its walls. An organ concert was taking place inside.

With Andrei outside the Black Church.

And now, the town square itself, Piata Sfatului.

According to Lonely Planet, witches were once burned and prisoners torturted in the Council House in the square. We didn't see witches, but we did see at least 3 brides and their grooms on our visit to Brasov.

On the distant hill, Brasov (pronounced Brashov) was spelled out. Not exactly a Hollywood sign, but maybe suitable for Romania's little Prague.


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