Rendevous on the office porch

Jodie and I work in the Mandarin Office Center (my office moved there about 2 months ago). Jodie works on the fourth floor, while my office is on the third floor. By chance, both Jodie and my desks are right next to doors which lead to a porch. The porch is where the employees of our respective companies go for their cigarette breaks. When I go outside, I can see Jodie when she's outside her office on her porch.

There seems to be some unique acoustics involved, because when Jodie steps onto her porch, on the fourth floor, her voice carries, even when she's not talking loudly. Sitting at my desk in my office, I know when Jodie is outside, and I can join her on the porch. Except for the fact that we are one floor apart, our outside breaks on the porch can be shared.


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