The Museum of the Romanian Peasant

A Metro ride brought us the Museum of the Romanian Peasant. Inside we found a colorful display of Romanian culture, and of how the people lived in villages around the country. There were displays of pottery, church icons, textiles and farm utensils. On the second floor, the museum became even more fascinating, as it included an entire wooden village home, and a huge, two-story water mill.

There were mannequins dressed in the local clothing typical of the different villages, and also examples of the clothing of the other countries in the Balkan.

What amused us a lot was a book of Romanian peasant superstitions. Enjoy these examples:

If you light up your fire on Monday, the sparrow hawk will come to hunt your hens.
If you throw hen feathers in the fire, you'll be full of pimples in no time.
If you kindle the fire with wild rose twigs, the cow's tits will burst.


  1. Loved hearing and seeing your account of the side trip to Romania. Great photos of a nice trip.


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