Borovets Ski Resort = in summer

Our journey on Sunday took us to Borovets, a popular ski resort about 50 kilometers south of Sofia. Popular refers to the winter months, when the slopes are covered with snow. In July, the town is very quiet, with most of the restaurants and all of the ski schools closed down.

One of the slopes ended right on the town's main tourist shop street, and it looked quite steep. We spoke to some visiting British ski instructors, who said this was the beginners' slope.

The people in Borovets were very friendly, or possibly very desperate, as they really wanted us to buy in their shops and eat in their restaurants. It was very quiet, and a bit chillier than we had expected. Well, after all, we were high in the mountains.

We only stopped for cappuccino and freshly baked bread with garlic and cheese. Other things being offered in the local restaurants did not appeal to us, as can be seen below.


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