Walk to Health

I (Ellis) walk to work every day. No matter if it's rain or shine, hot or cold, I enjoy the exercise and the fresh air. When I first arrived in Sofia, I walked to work up Cherni Vrah, the main street running through the Lozenets neighborhood, alongside the trams and the traffic. Then I discovered that a quieter, nicer walk went up Kozyak Street, past the United States Embassy. But finally, after consulting a map, I found that the shortest distance between two points went straight up cobblestone streets behind our house, up a steep hill and past a hotel complex, and through the oldest part of Lozenets.

I can walk to work in 17 minutes, even taking into consideration having to cross over the busy Yaptsarov Boulevard near the office.

Walking to work has kept me in good health, and I've even lost some weight (an entire hole difference on my belt). Nothing can stop me, not even a bit of snowfall in the winter, or a drenching torrential rain just a few weeks ago.

I have convinced Jodie to join me, if not on the uphill walk in the morning, at least on the walk home at the end of the day. Then we walk at Jodie's pace, and take the streets that bypass the steep hills. Walking allows us to enjoy the sights of the neighborhood, and to observe the local residents of Sofia. And it's good for us.

Last weekend, residents of Sofia gathered in nearby Yuzhen Park for a "Live Actively" event day. They were encouraged to exercise and stay healthy. Walking to work keeps us in good health.


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