Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Never trust the weather report

Every morning when I (Ellis) wake up, I check the weather forecast for Sofia. If the forecast calls for rain, I know it will be a sunny day. If the weather forecast says the sun will shine, I know to bring my umbrella.

Today there was a 30% chance of rain in Sofia, and right now Weather.com says there is thunder. Well, the thunder part was true about 30 minutes ago, but only a few drops of rain fell and most of the day was fair.

When we traveled to Koprishtitsa, we never expected to arrive in the middle of a snowstorm (no forecast of that was posted anywhere). And this weekend we're going to Varna on the Black Sea. The weather forecast says 40% chance of rain, so I know it will be hot and dry. No, wait, I'll bring an umbrella just in case.

1 comment:

  1. it hasn't rained in varna for a very long time (as per my mom), so if it rains just in this weekend it will be a joke by the destiny :)
    i hope you'll enjoy my beautiful hometown!