Jodie is on the phone

Life is bearable in Bulgaria for Jodie because of our phone line. When we first came, we assumed that Skype would be sufficient in our daily connections with family and friends back in Israel. But Skype means that the other person has to be seated in front of his or her computer, and except for the ability to see the other side in a video image, it wasn't the most convenient way to stay in touch.

Just before Jodie came to Bulgaria in February, she arranged an Israeli phone line through the Internet. This line allows us to make calls to Israel, with a local Israeli phone number. People calling us are charged at local rates as well.

Jodie spends, literally, an hour or more a day talking to her friends and our family. We initially had a 500 minute a month package, but now we've raised it to 2,000 minutes a month. The price is cheap, and the service, keeping us in touch, is huge.

Jodie was going to write this article herself, but she was too busy talking on the phone.


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