Driving in Bulgaria

Driving in Bulgaria seems to follow its own set of rules – but not necessarily according to the law. Here are some of the things that I’ve observed (Jodie):

1. Sidewalks are made for parking – passageway for pedestrians is of secondary importance.

2. Stop signs and Yield signs are followed only if there is really no other way for the driver to quickly cut across on-coming traffic.

3. If it is more convenient for the driver to reach his destination quickly by driving the wrong way on a one-way street, then this is perfectly acceptable.

4. Whenever possible, and in order to move quicker, open up a new lane and move forward ahead of all the cars sitting in traffic.

5. It’s perfectly acceptable to stop your car in the middle of a narrow street to let passengers on or off, or whatever you need to do. You can ignore the growing line of cars in both directions who are waiting for you to move so that they can continue on their way.

6. Right of way is determined by the size of the car. If two cars are coming from opposite directions in a narrow street and there is only room for one to pass, then the bigger car wins. This can often result in the need for one or more cars coming from the opposite direction to back up until there is room for the bigger car to pass.

7. Big, 4 wheel drive cars can do whatever they want – everyone else better just move out of the way – traffic laws do not apply to them!

8. If a policeman stops you for a traffic violation, remember – the police have very small salaries here (and you can reach your own conclusion as to what this means….)


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