The difficulties of learning Bulgarian - part one

Jodie and I have a weekly lesson with a private teacher. After a few months of studying, we are familiar with some of the basics, but our knowledge of Bulgarian is still at the beginners' level. The fact that we work in English-speaking environments and never have real chances to practise our Bulgarian certainly doesn't help.

The first obstacle we had to overcome was learning a completely new alphabet. In the Cyrillic alphabet, C is S, P is R, 3 is Z, and there are some letters similar to Hebrew ones, and other ones that are completely unique. And we're only talking about the capital letters. It gets stranger still when you realize that M is M, but m is t. Does that even make sense?

Learning Bulgarian is a work in progress. When we figure out what the sign says, we'll let you know.


  1. It says: "Don't park in front of the entrance! Garages are in use throughout the day."


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