Take care, even when dealing with expats

The other day we bought some products from a stand at the fair held in the parking lot of the United States Embassy. We thought it was a treat to have pancake mix and maple syrup. We bought the products from a food importer called Andy's Foods, run by "ex-pats", Brits living in Sofia. We never thought they would try to trick us.

The day after the fair, we learned from a coworker of Jodie's, that the Taco Mix he had bought at the fair was past its expiration date, and that the food company had made problems when he asked to exchange it. When we got home we decided to check what we had bought.

The Ranch Dressing we bought had a January expiration date, and the McDougalls Batter Mix's "best use before" date was February 2009.

I called Andys Food to complain and was shocked that the owner didn't see anything wrong in selling expired goods. "I posted a notice that this was old stock," he said. I shouted at him on the phone, stating that he had endangered peoples' health in the sale, but he argued that I should have realized these were old products because the price had been so low.

We never expected ex-pats to try to pull the wool over other foreigners living in Bulgaria, foreigners who know that expiration dates are put on products to protect consumers' health.


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