It's a Small World, and Applesauce

About two weeks ago I was talking with my boss Yuval about a number of different things, and one thing lead to another and I said something about having been in a garin (a group in the Israeli army who do their army service together and part of their service is on a border kibbutz). He asked me which garin I had been on, and I told him that we were on Kibbutz Yahel. He looked at me and said – “Then you must know my cousins – Yossi and Sharon Gotlieb”! Of course I knew them – they were actually in the garin with Ellis’ sister Debby, but we were all on Kibbutz together.

To make the coincidence even funnier, it turned out that Yossi and Sharon were planning on coming to Sofia the following week to visit, and in honor of Yossi’s 50th birthday! Yuval immediately called Sharon and told her that there was someone who wanted to talk to her – what a surprise! She already knew that we were here since she’s been following our blog and Facebook, and was planning to get in touch with us.

The following week, after they arrived, Yuval dropped them off at our apartment and guess what they brought us? APPLESAUCE! They had read on our blog how we couldn’t find applesauce here in Bulgaria, so they brought us 6 cans! I can’t believe they brought so much – it was very heavy! But now I’ll be able to make my favorite chocolate cake.

We took them out to dinner at a restaurant around the corner from us, that we’ve tried before and liked. We all had a good time – it was fun to catch up with old friends (and no, Yossi, I don’t mean “old” in the sense that now you are 50! – we’ve all passed that landmark awhile ago….!), and the food was good, and we all had an enjoyable evening!

So, Happy Birthday Yossi! And thanks for the applesauce!


  1. Hey Ellis & Jodie - just a note to say I've finally caught up on my Ellis and Jodie's Bulgarian Adventure blog reading. Fascinating stuff. It all seems so exotic - compared to wherever it is that I live. Leslie sends her best. Be well, David.


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