Bulgarian Teenagers Go Wild

Walking in one of Sofia's parks on Saturday with friends, we heard lots of cars honking nearby. This is part of an ancient Bulgarian tradition related to the end of May. The school year has ended, and for high school seniors, it is time to celebrate! This is done by speeding up and down the streets of the city with your friends, making sure your horn is in good working order.

But there's more. Even though they struggle with their low wages, Bulgarian families are quick to fork out hundreds, if not thousands of Leva to buy a prom dress for their graduate daughters. Walking home from work one day, Jodie and I passed a parking lot full of teenagers and their parents. Some of the girls were dressed to kill, in fancy, glittery gowns. The party was in full swing.

A recent article I read indicated that the financial crisis has struck here as well, and some girls are, can you believe it, buying used dresses for their graduation. Assumingly they will wear them once, and then resell them to next year's graduates.


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