The 6-day Bulgarian Weekend

Everyone is on holiday, out of the city, away from work. Everyone but us, it seems. When we walk to work (Ellis) or ride in a taxi to work (Jodie) we can't help but notice how quiet the streets of Sofia are. It's all because of the 6-day Bulgarian Weekend.

This is not a usual occurrence. But when May 1 (Labor Day) falls on a Friday, and Saint George's Day falls on a Wednesday, the government decides that Bulgarians are entitled to bridge the two holidays for a long vacation period.

It would seem ideal, but 6 days away from work is too much for this economy to handle. So to make it up, Bulgarians will be required to work on two Saturdays later in the month of May.

We can only assume that the missing Sofia residents are visiting their families in the country, or possibly taking in the sights of Greece or Turkey. In the meantime, we'll enjoy the quiet.


  1. A 6 days holiday will realy suit me now! love Iris


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