The day Ellis dragged Jodie off into the snow to see Picasso

I think Jodie was quite upset when she woke up on the second day of our two-day weekend to discover that once again it was snowing outside. And this, after the sun had made an appearance yesterday and the Bulgarian winter didn't prove to be all that bad.

By noon it had calmed down a bit, and I urged Jodie to come out with me to catch a taxi. We went to the National Gallery of Foreign Art and saw their Picasso exhibition. Other paintings at the gallery were quite unremarkable. We went across the street to see the Alexander Nevsky Memorial Cathedral, the main Sofia landmark, which looked different to me on my second visit with its golden domes half covered with snow.

A walk up the street brought us to a very nice restaurant where we enjoyed soup and a main course (lasagna for me and stuffed potatoes for Jodie). As we have discovered in our occasional meals on the town, service is not uniform in that Jodie had already been served her main course before my minestrone soup finally arrived.

Tomorrow it's back to work and our regular routine, until the next weekend comes along.


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