Jodie's First Day

I was about 1 hour late in arriving, and we got home and went to bed around 12:30. It took me a long time to fall asleep. Ellis woke me up around 8 this morning and told me that he had a surprise for me - when I could finally open my eyes, he opened the curtains- it was all white and snowing! This is the first snow like this that Ellis has seen since he's been here also. It's been snowing lightly all day, and it's stuck, but not too heavy - but everything is white! The cold really isn't too bad, and inside it's nice and warm.

We took a taxi to work - from what I could see just from our route, there wasn't anything very pretty, but right near our apartment there is a huge park -we didn't go through it, but I heard that it's supposed to beautiful in the spring.

Ellis brought me to my new office -they really weren't expecting me until tomorrow or Monday, so I still didn't have a computer etc. The woman I'm going to be working with, Monica, was ready for me after about 1 hour, so in the meantime someone showed me around and we talked a bit. Everyone seems very nice, finally sat with Monica for a bit, until Ellis came for me at 1:30, and we went to lunch and then I went back to the apartment and went to sleep.... When I got up, I started unpacking, and I almost finished. Still more organizing to do, and I have to organize the kitchen, but one step at a time.

Other first impressions -they drive like crazy here - left turns into oncoming traffic, no right of way for pedestrians....smoking is allowed in restaurants, so everyone around you is smoking...ugh! On the other hand, the Bulgarians that I've met seem very nice and friendly. Almost everyone in my company is Bulgarian - the 2 bosses are Israeli and there seems to be one American.

Ellis just came home, and he's going to make me dinner! There are definite advantages to the fact that he came before I did- he had to learn to do some things on his own!


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